Are you a landlord and planning of renting out your room or apartment in Maldives?

How to list your property for rent

Since most property-seekers search for rentals online these days, consider popular online platforms like iBay, Kobapages, where direct owners like you can put up your first property rental listing free of charge!

How to attract potential tenants

For every day your empty room or unit goes unrented, you’re forfeiting a good amount of passive income.

We’ve got tips to make your rental listing more attractive, so you’ll have your new tenants moving in in no time:

  • Important details to include in your listing description
  • The best ways to follow up with interested rental-seekers on Kobapages

How to arrange viewings

Viewings are not just for prospective tenants to check out your property – it’s also for you to make sure you can entrust them with your beloved home.

Here’s what to take note of when you’re arranging viewings with interested rental-seekers:

  • Easy ways to beautify your home for a viewing
  • How to screen prospective tenants by asking the right questions

Finalising the transaction and move 

We’ve broken down the technical bits into a few basic steps (Spoiler: It’s actually pretty easy to DIY!):

  • What to include in the Tenancy Agreement
  • How to create an Inventory of Contents, and how it can protect you as a landlord
  • More tips and tricks, including how to collect the security deposit and monthly rent

Once you’ve settled those, you’re ready to welcome your new tenants into your home!

Signing the Tenancy Agreement
The Tenancy Agreement is an official lease contract
between you – landlord – and your tenant

Creating an inventory of contents
Prepare a comprehensive inventory of contents to
keep track of all fixtures and furniture in your home

Even if you’re renting out an unfurnished property,
you should still have an inventory of contents – note
down conditions of fixtures like your walls, sink, etc.

At the end of the rental lease..
Is everything in your home kept in a proper condition?